Record Player for Daddy

Phoebe stitched this felt record player for Eric's birthday (his birthday was over a month ago - how did I not post about this sooner?) She was so happy with the response she got from Frankie's Ya Yo, that she had to make something special for her dad too.

Eric's favorite portable record player was our model, but she used green felt, since it's his favorite color. I helped her to trace some of the shapes (we used 45's as the circles) but she cut and sewed all her own (except for the player's arm - she told me that was my job).

The finished player. Don't you love the movable arm and 45 adapter?

In the back, there's a little pocket to hold the records. This idea came from our Fisher Price player.

A small collection of felt 45's. A pink one that plays ballerina music, a Phillie's one, and a circus one that plays funny music. We used the sewing machine to make the grooves on the records - Phoebe held down the pedal as I guided the fabric.

Eric loved it! The pillow now sits proudly in the record room and gets some play now and again from various members of Team Plumley. We also baked him a yummy 7-Up cake. Visit again soon for the recipe!

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youthlarge said...

so awesome. phoebe is getting really good!