Nature Bracelets

Go outside right now and make a nature bracelet with your kids. They are perfect for Earth Day and are simple and fun to make.

Step 1: Wrap some tape around your wrist with the sticky side out. Just wrap it around, so that the two ends overlap. I used this wide blue electrical type tape that I had on hand, but any wide, sticky tape will do.

Now, take a nature walk and stick items you find to the tape. Favorites were flower petals, small leaves, and dandelion seeds. Make sure you leave some of the tape visible, or the next step won't turn out right.

Step 2: Carefully cut the tape from your wrist (we did this for the kids). Now, smoosh the sticky side of the tape covered with nature items to clear plastic wrap. The kids loved to really squish around the leaves and flowers.

Step 3: Cut around the tape. If a leaf or petal is hanging over the edge, cut that off too.

Step 4: Punch holes in each end of the bracelet, and add a string to each side. Our Kindergarten kids needed help with this step.

Tie it on and enjoy nature anytime! These bracelets last a surprising long time - it's kinda like doing a flower press.

I've been getting some great nature ideas and inspiration at 5 Orange Potatoes.


jenny said...

Our kids do something similar with using little bits and pieces from the craft table. I love this idea - it would be great for when they go on a walk in the bush. Thanks for sharing it.

Gigi said...

whoa....this is adorable!!

Scott said...

We've just the tape bracelet idea before on a nature walk. But the plastic wrap covering is genius! Thanks for helping me improve this activity.