Christmas Mouse

We made Christmas Mice as a gift for our 3rd Grade Reading Buddies. Everyone had success with this classic project. Be sure to read Santa Mouse as well!

Materials Needed:
felt (we used red & green), wiggle eyes (I got stick on this time), pompom (use glue to attach), chalk, candy cane, and scissors. The patterns are simple - a teardrop for the body and a little bow shape for the ears. The mice can me any size, but you want the ears and body to be about the same length.

How to: Look, I discovered Mosaic Maker! I think this is pretty self-explanatory. The trick is making the little slit for the ears to go through. Fold the body piece from point to top curve and make 2 little slits in the middle about an inch or so apart.
You slide the candy cane through the underside of the ears so the curve of the cane makes a tail. Tip - If the candy cane tries to fall out, attach it with a bit of tape. This tape can also be handy for writing names on mice if you are making them with a group.
Hopefully this is the only little mouse you'll see this winter!

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