Vintage Craft Book: The Golden Book of Crafts and Hobbies

Lately I've been looking through my rather large collection of vintage craft books, mostly kid-craft. Here are some of my favorites!
The Golden Book of Crafts and Hobbies lives at the cabin because it's filled with camping and scouting activities.  The kids love to look at it and imagine making super cool projects.  The problem is that they aren't always very accessible.  I mean, do the kids really think they will make their own toboggans and knife sheaths?  Or better asked, will I let them make them?!

One project, however, did seem doable.  This lean-to, which is actually a type of bird feeder, intrigued Frankie.  He needed a little help to get started, but once the framework was built, he was on his own.

At some point, he ran out of long sticks, so a sheet was employed to finish off the lean-to.  He had a lovely afternoon hanging out in his lean-to and observing nature.

So, while The Golden Book of Crafts and Hobbies is not the most useful vintage craft book in my stash, it is definitely inspirational and fun!

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