Lesson: Painted Leaves

Making leaf rubbings is fun, but painting them is even more fun. I made a little leaf table runner. Other ideas are printing on bags, a skirt, or place mats.

Materials Needed: a selection of leaves, acrylic paints in fall colors, brayer, small paintbrush, fabric (I used unbleached muslin)
Step 1: Paint the backside, or veiny side, of the leaf. Be sure to get the stem too. This can be a little tricky. For kids, I would have them put the leaf on a paper plate and then paint.
Step 2: Place the painted leaf, paint side down, on fabric.
Step 3: Roll the brayer over the leaf several times.
Step 4: Carefully lift up the leaf and see the print!
I found that it was fun to mix colors on the leaves and overlap them a little.
Frankie found his favorite.
This would also be fun to do on paper and make some simple Thanksgiving cards. Happy Fall!

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