Estate Sale Finds

I've been getting up early on Saturday mornings to hit estate sales with a few friends. Those of us who make up the regular crew have similar tastes, but we're usually searching for different items. Occasionally, our esthethics overlap, but so far, we've made it through a day of sales without a single fight.

Our current debate is over whether we should bother with lining up with the resale crowd and duke it out on Saturday mornings, or if we should slack off and wait until afternoon, when the shoppers are fewer and the deals are better. Some weeks, we're turned off by high prices, weird smells, or downright dirty homes which have us threatening to swear off our hobby for a few months. Other times, one of us will find a cool shirt, an old chair, or a stash of fabric that will keep us coming back for more.

Craft supply-wise, this Saturday was pretty dull, but I did manage to score the following:

A trio of matching Fire King bowls -- I'm trying to weed plastic products out of the kitchen, and these are perfect for storing leftovers.

A recipe box that belonged to one Billie Bailey, plus dozens of unused recipe cards inside.

I filled out one card to mail to my friend Chanda tomorrow:

A heavy-duty iron basket that's the size of a record crate. I found it in a backyard, filled with backpacks, and paid $3 for it.


Amie Plumley said...

I have that same recipe box in my craft room!

Andria Lisle said...

I should've mentioned that they're perfect for storing little supplies like buttons!