Amy Butler - Mini Dress

As soon as I saw the Amy Butler Mini Dress pattern, I had to have it. It just looks so cute and comfortable. I also like how it has both girls and women sizes. So, in case you too want to make the dress, I thought I'd give you a little review...

I made mine over the course of 2 nap times out of a vintage flat sheet. The directions are clear and while a tad complicated, I was able to figure everything out.

There were a few glitches, though....
According to the sizing, I should be a medium, but really, I think I need to try the small. (I fear that the dress may make me look pregnant - you know what I'm talking about - right?) Also, the mini dress was way too long for me, but then I cut it down too short, so I decided to not hem it and leave the edges raw which may or may not be a cute idea.

I decided that I was not in the mood to insert a zipper, so I made a little button closure with loops. I used narrow bias tape for the loops. While I love the result, it probably took me just as long as a zipper. I also realized that the dress was large enough to just slip over my head - so all my work was just decorative!

Despite all my problems, I do love the pattern and want to try it again. I think I may make the top version next time.

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