3 Shell Projects

During our summer vacation at Tybee Island, GA, we collected a ton of shells. Once home, Phoebe carefully gave the shells and bath and we got to work. Here are the 3 projects we did with them:

1. Shell Frame - using a strong glue (we used Hard as Nails), spread the glue all over the frame edge then carefully put down shells. We found that laying the big shells first and then filling in the spots with smaller ones makes for a better frame. Perfect for preserving beach memories.

2. Shell Necklace - find shells with holes and then string them through yarn. Phoebe calls this her "Ursula Necklace" from the Little Mermaid movie. We made several of these to give to friends.

3. Musical Shell - this one might be my favorite. Fill 2 large clam-style shells with several small shells and then glue together. It makes a wonderful, tinkling sound.

It's been fun crafting with Phoebe and Frankie as we remember our trip to the beach.

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