ABC Love

Is it just me or have you noticed all of the great ABC themed ideas out there lately? I've been bookmarking like crazy for school next year. My two current favs are the great on-line mag LMNOP and the always fun The Crafty Crow. Do you know of more?

**Lazy Composting Update***
Thanks for the comments about composting yesterday. I'm thrilled to see so many lazy composters out there! A few things I should have said:
1. Keeping the containers in the freezer means that the kitchen scraps don't get smelly.
2. During the winter, I compost as normal. The pile may not go down as quickly, but I haven't experienced any problems. Now, please note that I live in super warm Memphis, TN.
3. While I haven't noticed any naughty critters getting into my bin (rats, raccoons, etc.) that doesn't mean it can't happen. You can cover your bin with either a tight wire mesh or a lid. If you choose to completely cover your compost, make sure you water it, lazily of course.

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Tiff said...

I love the Crafty Crow!!! I have never heard of LMNOP. I'll have to check that out!