Cute Coasters

I just participated in the Kindred Crafters Coaster Swap and received these cute oil cloth coasters from my swap partner Sarah Sipe. They are reversible and came in their very own pouch! Perfect for summer, outdoor living.
These are the quilted coasters I made for her. I hope she likes them. I also sent her some extra vintage quilt squares and my favorite iced tea recipe - being from the South, I couldn't resist. Thought you might like it too.
Favorite Mint Iced Tea
*Pour boiling water over 10 regular or 5 large teabags and a bunch of fresh mint. (I do this step in a large measuring cup)
*Let the tea/mint seep for awhile - I wait until it cools down, about an hour.
*Put a big glob of honey in the bottom of a pitcher.
*Take out the teabags and mint. Pour the minty tea into the pitcher. Top with cold water. Stir up good.
*Enjoy over ice with a sprig of fresh mint.


Kindred Crafters said...

Oil Cloth - now there's an idea! Love what you did too - can't wait until my mint plants bush up to try your recipe!

- donna

C. Jaeger said...

What I love about blog land is how much I can learn everyday. Thanks for sharing your coasters. I never thought about using my oil cloth scraps, and it looks like your swap partner used her die cut machine (sizzix?) to punch out her oil cloth shapes. I am trying that today. Thanks for sharing!

Brooke Everett of be in red said...

I think I'll make up a batch of your sweet tea to take with me to Bonnaroo.

Sarah said...

I did use my die cutter (SU Big Shot / Sizzix) !! It works really well on oilcloth -- I love it!

~Sarah, the swap partner!

PS - Amie, thanks for the link to my etsy shop!