Lesson: Quick Quilt Journal

These little journals have been a big source of pride and fun for my class this week. They are so simple, so creative, and so fun that I thought I'd share.

Materials needed - cardstock or construction paper, several sheets of writing paper, fabric scraps, glue, scissors, stapler.

Step 1: Glue scraps of fabric onto cardstock or construction paper in a quilt-like pattern. You may have to cut the fabric to get a good shape. Be sure to put glue on the entire area. After drying, trim any extra fabric around the edges of the paper.
Here is a completed journal cover. Lauren made an "L" for her name.
Step 2: Fold your sheets of writing paper in half. We used 4 sheets of paper.
Step 3: Fold your journal cover in half.
Step 4: Put the writing paper into the journal cover to make a book.
Step 5: Open the journal and staple the paper onto the cover. As a teacher, I have access to a cool, long armed stapler which makes this step super easy. I did try it with a regular stapler, though, and it works out OK. We stapled our journals 3 times along the middle.
Now your journal is finished! Yes, it is that easy! The only hard part is waiting for the glue to dry (ours took a day because we use a lot of glue!).
The journals have inspired wonderful stories, illustrations, and lists. I think these would also make nice gifts for friends and relatives. Try different sizes - a tiny quilt journal for a purse or backpack.


Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

What a fun idea, I love this! I'll be linking.

allie said...

this is a nice idea - thanks for sharing!