Quilt Family Day Report

Phoebe and I had a great time at the Brooks Museum Family Day. The exhibit was great and the activities just perfect. I'm looking forward to using them in my classroom in the coming weeks. All of my pictures turned out blurry, because Phoebe was having too much fun to pose, but I'll give you a quick idea of what we did.

One activity was a paper quilt. They supplied paper rectangles, hole punchers, and plastic needles threaded with yarn. I had to punch the paper for Phoebe, but she loved sewing the squares together. This would be a cute idea for the Q Quilt as well, where kids could draw Q pictures on the paper then sew them together. I may have to try this next year.
I think the activity below was our favorite. The table was covered with buckets of fabric scraps, glue sticks, foam shapes, and card stock. We glued fabric scraps to the card stock. I had to make one too! It was fun to "piece" together a mini quilt. We are planning on making these in class and then turning them into journals. Another idea is to make a picture frame. The next day, Phoebe was in my scrap box wanting to make another "glue quilt." Try this at home!
The other highlight of the morning was dancing to Last Chance Jug Band who played at my wedding nearly 9 years ago. I also couldn't resist and purchased a few things in the gift shop including this amazing Pattern Play set. I got it for my classroom, but Phoebe and I had lots of fun making quilts on Sunday.

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