Welcome Baby!

A few people I know are welcoming new lives into theirs. I love making baby gifts!
My standard is the bib/burp cloth combo. I swear by good burp cloths and since you end up practically living in them, they should be cute, too! I make mine with double-folded cloth diapers with a rectangle of fabric top stitched across one end and a line of ric-rac on the other. Not too bulky, but still has style. For bibs, I use a modified version of the pattern in Amy Karol's Bend-the-Rules Sewing book. I like to use velcro to fasten them. I decided to add the little circles with Heat-n-Bond.
This combo is ready for the baby shower. I glue sticked a bit of the fabric onto a tag for a quick card. I am loving the way it turned out. Hope the new family does, too.

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Tonya said...

Love this so much!! Is the blue checked one just the back of the red bib? I love making these for new babies and will tweak with what you have here.

Blessings to you.