Special Present

This year for parent gifts, we made holiday potholders. The kids were so proud of them. And they should be - this project had many, many steps - many of which I failed to take a picture of....

Anyway, we started by making a Santa handprint with fabric paint. Then, they cut out a backing fabric square and a felt square. Next, the Santa face was decorated with fabric pens. This is where the kids got very creative!

The best was using the sewing machine. So many kids were totally fascinated by the machine - we are going to have to think of more projects to use it this year.

After we sewed a holding stitch around the edge (about a inch seam allowance), the kids sewed around the very edge. We talked a lot about different stitches (whip and running).

Finally the potholders were complete! We made finger painted wrapping paper and special tags to give them to our parents (of course I didn't take a picture of that either...)

Hope your holiday is bright and merry and you treasure the handmade gifts your children give you. It's so sweet to see a child make something for their parents. What a sense of pride.

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