Spooky Hand!

This week we are making our very own "spooky hands." This was an independent project using the directions and pictures below. The kids followed project cards and put together their very own hands. I thought you might want to make one (or two) as well.

Materials needed: disposable gloves (used for food service), candy corn, popcorn, twisty ties

Do A Spooky Hand

1. Get one glove.

2. Get five candy corn.

3. Put candy corn in glove.
4. Add popcorn to glove.
5. Close with a twisty tie.
6. Spooky Hand!
Happy Halloween!


Dee Light said...

I had forgotten about this activity. I've seen the same thing made into a turkey. Thanks for the reminder I will have to do this my Girl Scouts

Team Plumley said...

I haven't heard of the turkey glove! I found this link on line with some directions. We have so many gloves left, I'll have to check it out. Thanks for sharing!