Sugar Skull Softie

Hi! I'm excited to be posting this creative Sugar Skull Softie as part of Sew a Softie for Halloween! Organized by Trixi at Coloured Buttons, Sew a Softie is a world-wide effort to get kids sewing and being creative. If you want to connect with the community, join the FaceBook group!
I love the rich cultural traditions behind Mexico's DiĆ” de los Muertos or Day of the Dead. Colorful Sugar Skulls are made to celebrate the lives of those lost. While the Day of the Dead is not officially celebrated until November 1 and 2, it's never to early to start decorating.
I love this project because it allows for creativity in decorating the skull while still providing clear directions and a shape. Each one will be unique, but is easy to set up for a group.
I found the perfect Sugar Skull template here on Teachers Pay Teachers, but a quick Google search for Sugar Skulls will give you dozens of ideas. You can always draw your own too! 
Cut a piece of muslin a little larger than your template. Lay the fabric over the template and trace using markers or crayons. You may want to tape the fabric to the table so it doesn't slide around.
Have fun decorating your sugar skull!
Now, pin the muslin to felt. Cut around the sugar skull leaving a small edge around the skull. Younger sewers may need help with this step.
Sew all around the skull leaving an opening for stuffing. You can use a whipstitch or a running stitch. Once you have stuffed the skull, sew up the opening and you have a Sugar Skull Softie!
I hope you will check out some of the other Sew a Softie for Halloween projects. There is a complete tutorial list on Sum of Their Stories.  Be sure to tag your Halloween sewing projects with kids #sewasoftie.

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