From Fabric to Project

I love a good craft challenge and have been using them in camp to not only create fun activities, but to foster creativity. It's always funny how everyone gets quiet and really starts to concentrate on their own projects. Then, about 1/2 way through, they start to wander around the room and check out each other's work. At the end, we share ideas and announce a winner or two.

In Advanced Sewing School camp we gave campers a fat quarter and access to a variety of print making supplies like paint, watercolors, stamps, and markers. Their first assignment was to create an original fabric print. To begin, we looked at a ton of different fabrics and talked about repeats, print directions, and color combinations. Many sketched their ideas first before moving to paint and fabric, but some designers just jumped right into it.

After the paint dried, it was time to create an original project using the fabric. Campers could use other fabrics to make their project, but their fabric had to be the main fabric. Everyone made something different and it was very hard to choose a winner!

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