Unicorn Softie

Hooray! It's my turn to share a fun project as part of Sew a Softie month hosted by Trixi at Coloured Buttons.

If you have a little girl in your life, chances are you are aware of unicorn obsession.  Rainbow unicorns are even better! While there are several unicorn projects out there, I set out to design one that was easy for young sewers to create independently. These little square-faced unicorns fit the bill perfectly! Also, if unicorns aren't your thing, this project can be transformed into any animal your heart desires.

So, let's get to it.  The materials are simple - you'll need some muslin or light colored fabric, a felt square, lots of felt scraps, stuffing, markers, and sewing materials.

We made our pillows 8x8 inches, but you can make the project any size you want.

Fabric markers are easy to find, but any kind of marker will work. You can also color the face with crayons.

Use scraps to design your unicorn.

This might be tricky for young sewers, but it also teaches a new skill.

Remember to stitch through all the felt pieces so that the mane and horn stays in place.

I made these direction photos to print and use when sewing unicorn softies with my campers.  Get a copy here.

Happy Sew a Softie Month!

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