Sew a Softie Story

Once upon a time there was a group of young sewers who wanted to sew a softie, but not just any softie, a Magical Unicorn softie!

They had heard about the adventures of Uni the Unicorn and fiercely believed that unicorns (and little girls) were very real indeed.

They gathered their supplies and began to draw their unicorns' faces. Each face was different. Some unicorns were smiling, some were sleepy, and a few were sad.

Next, it was time to cut, cut, cut out all the parts that make a unicorn a unicorn like a horn and mane. Some had yellow horns, and few were pink!

Finally, the pieces were pinned and sewn together. Sewing through all the layers of felt and fabric was a little tricky, but these little girl sewers did not give up! Not one sewer poked themselves or said it was too hard.

And you know what's next, right? It's stuffing time! This is the best part where a softie becomes a softie!  Don't forget to sew up your hole so you can go on Magical Unicorn adventures!

And they all lived happily ever after!  (Even the little girl who decided to make a dog instead of a unicorn.)  Happy Sew a Softie Month!

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