Animal Face Bags

These cute animal face bags are so much fun and easy to make. The kids whipped them out in Sewing Club in an hour.

Since our time was limited, we made our bags about 8-1/2 inches by 8 inches. I cut them on the fold, so the sewists only had to stitch up the sides.  I don't always cut out the fabric first, but I wanted them to focus on the animal face, not cutting out the bag fabric.

Lots of choices with this project.  If you want to sew on the face, do that first.  If you are using hot glue, then sew up the bag first, then add the face. The handles can be whatever length you want.  Crossbody bags are popular with this group.

No patterns for the animal faces, just some ideas to get the kids started.  Stick-up ears work best if made out of felt. Button eyes are fun! Fabric markers are perfect for quick details.

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