Stitching Up Dream Catchers

 In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  we stitched up dream catchers in Sewing Club.  While I know that traditional Native American stories explain that dream catchers capture bad dreams, we talked about MLK dream catchers only finding good dreams!
Since we have limited time at Sewing Club, I prepped the paper plates by cutting out the center and punching holes all around.  I also punched a few holes on the bottom edge.

The kids used yarn and plastic needles to weave the dream catcher.  When they finished with one color of yarn, they just tied a new piece to it and kept on going.

Using craft thread and chenille needles, the kids had fun stringing puff balls, bits of fabric, and feathers to the bottom.  We discovered that you can poke a needle right through a feather stem!  Once finished, a hole was punched in the top and a yarn hanger was added.
This little maker had fun cutting a shape around the edge of the paper plate and decorating it with markers.  Love how it turned out!
Here's to sweet dreams!

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