Cooking Class: A Review

Santa, clever elf that he is, brought my cooking obsessed kids Cooking Class this Christmas.  They immediately wanted to try out several recipes.  We started with Sushi! California Rolls.

Cooking Class is published by Storey, the same publisher of Sewing School.   It reads very much like Sewing School and my kids were able to jump into the format easily.

It feels like Sewing School, only cooking.  There are great step-by-step photo illustrations, real kids in the kitchen cooking, and recipes that kids want to make.  And my kids wanted to make sushi!

The kids used their new knives, also courtesey of Santa, for chopping up the cucumbers and crab stix.

We had fun going to our local Asian market for all the necessary ingredients and supplies including a bamboo sushi mat!

Here is the new knife in action, cutting a successful roll.

The actual making of the rolls was a very messy endeavor.  Our first couple of rolls didn't look anything like the picture, but they tasted great - like real California Rolls!  Luckily our dog was around to clean up the rice speckled floor.
Next up are these yummy sounding breakfast sundaes!  I love how all the recipes are doable for kids. 
There are several "idea" pages such as this one for making a Chocolate Factory.  Those chocolate dipped potato chips have my name on them!
The back of the book has several pages of cute stickers, recipe cards, and even a game to spark dinner time conversation.
Bon Apetite!  I can't wait to try what the kids make next from Cooking Class.

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