The Never Ending Journal

Ever since I came up with the idea for the Never Ending Journal, I've been waiting to sew them with kids!  This week at Sewing Club, we did just that.  
They immediately got into the project and couldn't wait to write in their very own journal.
 The set-up.  A rainbow of felt squares and a ton of foamie stickers.  I would have loved to have them embroider or add their own artwork to the journals, but we have limited time and I knew they would want to finish them that day.
 In my original design, I used super thin ribbon to sew the journal.  The ribbon can be a little hard to sew through the layers of felt.  Since there are so many young and new sewers, I thought that using craft thread would be easiest.
Cut a yard of craft thread then tie a knot about 6 inches from one end.  Fold the craft square in half.  Make a chalk mark in the middle and begin to sew to one end.  Then, tuck the thread all the way through the book, it's loose.  Keep sewing the other side until you get to your chalk mark.  Tie another knot so that the stitches won't come undone, then tie a bow.  If this is confusing, check out the step-by-step tutorial.
Time to make it your own!
 I love this little drawing!
 It's so easy to add paper and take out pages.

Time to fill the books with colorful paper, drawings, and stories.  

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