Never Ending Journal

This simple and satisfying journal was inspired by a beautiful leather journal I saw at the Ozark Folk Center.  I love how you can easily add and take away a standard sheet of paper with ease.  A strip of ribbon or yarn holds the paper in place.  Hence, the name "never ending".

To make my version, use a standard felt square and 1/8 inch ribbon, yarn, or craft thread.  You might also want some felt and fabric scraps to decorate the cover.  Don't forget the paper!

*Cut 1 yard (or 1 meter) of ribbon.  Tie a knot 13 inches (32 cm) from each end.
*Fold the felt square in half and lie the ribbon inside the fold.  The knots should lie around both ends of the felt square.

Time to sew!  You will sew each end of the ribbon separately.
*Thread a needle with the ribbon (a regular chenille needle works well).
*Sew through the end of the fold to make a secure edge.  The knots that you made will help make sure you have equal amounts of ribbon on each side and a good length in the middle to hold the paper.
*Now, sew using a running stitch until you get to the middle of the journal's edge.  Sew through both sides of the felt and be careful not to catch the length of ribbon that's in the inside.
*After sewing up both ends to the middle of the journal, tie them together in a bow.

If you are sewing with thin ribbon, young sewers may have trouble sewing through both layers of felt.  For ease, you can simply secure the outer edges with a stitch and then tie a bow in the middle.

To add paper, fold a few sheets of standard paper (8-1/2 x 11inches) in half and slip it under the ribbon along the fold.  It will keep it nice and secure.

After your journal is complete, you can decorate it using felt scraps.

Need more paper?  Add another sheet.  Don't like something?   Take it out.  No worries, it's a Never Ending Journal!

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Unknown said...

I love the idea of your never ending journal!!