Valentine Sewing in Preschool

 We hosted a mini-version of our Sewing Club at the preschool.  This Valentine's Day themed sew was a ton of fun. These 3 and 4 year olds were super creative and fun!

We had three fun projects to fill up our hour of fun.  Since they were young and we wanted them to be independent, we used plastic needles and lacing strings.
Our first project was a take on the Pocket Full of Love project we did with toddlers. This time, I used foam hearts I got at the dollar store.
 They immediately began to sew up and down and all around.  The best part of this project was the pocket!
We created a Valentine Station where sewers could decorate their Pockets and make Valentines to put inside.

Next up was the I Heart You Necklace.  This one was super popular and would be perfect for a Valentine party project.
Just punch holes into foam hearts (2 holes per heart) and give the kids lacing strings to make their necklace.  Beads would also be a fun addition here.
The Heart Spider Web was fun, but the most involved project.  We got the idea here, but put our own Sewing School twist on it by using paper plates.  Cut out your heart and then punch holes all around it.
 Tie an end of a piece of yarn to a hole and start "sewing crazy" as the kids said.  There are no rules here and it gave the kids an opportunity to play with stitches and try new ideas.  When a yarn got short, we just tied on a new pice and kept going until the sewer felt like the web was finished.  Some of the hearts from the necklaces also made their way onto the webs.  With a hole in top, a quick hanger was made.
We had fun sharing the love of sewing with these cuties!

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