Recycled Draft Dodgers's been cold outside.  Our 100 year old house has so many cracks and drafts it's crazy!  I whipped up a batch of these recycled draft dodgers using Phoebe's old tights and stuffing them with old T-shirts.  They are the perfect length, plus super cute!
You can make them too.  Cut a pair of tights into two legs.  Then, stuff the leg with old T-shirts, clothing, or other fabric until it's nice and plump.  This is a great job for kids - mine had fun cutting up old shirts and stuffing the "snakes."  Next, handsew the opening closed.  I used craft thread, but any thread will do.  When you get to the ends, just tuck them under and stitch closed. You could add a little face at this point, but we were cold, so I just put them in front of the doors pronto. Wow - what a difference!

Stay warm!

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