Batting as Fabric

This winter I have discovered a new fabric - batting!  Traditionally used in the middle of quilts, it also is perfect when stitching up winter crafts.  I used low-loft batting because that's what I have on hand, but I would think a thicker batting would give you better coverage.

Do you spy the batting above as the Santa beard and mustache?
It's pretty easy to work with and you can cut it just like regular fabric.  I also discovered that plastic needles slide right through it making it ideal for my upcoming Toddler Sewing Club project, The Mitten.  (More on that to come!)
The trick to sewing with batting, is that it can tear and be stretchy, so you have to think about how you can use it.   Like, I wouldn't make a batting purse and fill it with heavy things.
It's perfect for stitching up a sweet little snowman!

I'm sure we'll have fun finding more uses for batting this winter sewing season.  Do you have some ideas?!

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