Scrappy Bookmarks

 I made Scrappy Bookmarks at my school's Family Reading Night this week.  If you are looking for a quick, easy, and satisfying project for readers of any age, this one is for you!
 There was quite a buzz at my table all night long.  At some point, I was helping someone and lost track of who had been given project directions. I quickly realized, however, that it didn't matter.  Give kids materials, and they will create!  I loved the patchwork bookmarks that emerged from my very large fabric scrap stash.

You can make them too:
*strips of cardstock about 2 inches wide
*glue stick
*fabric scraps
 First, put glue all over the cardstock strip.
Next, add fabric scraps.  Don't worry if the fabric hangs over the edges.  Press down the fabric so it'll stick well.
When you have the bookmark all covered, flip it over and trim off the excess fabric that hangs over the edge of the cardstock.  Now you have a Scrappy Bookmark!
I love how families worked together to make these little bookmarks.  Hopefully they will enjoy reading together for years to come!

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