What Does Second Grade Writing Look Like?

What does writing look like in Second Grade? 
This week, we began Writer's Workshop, a time of the week set aside just for writing.  The writing is completely open ending.  The kids can choose to write about whatever they wish.  
 Many chose to explore comic writing, while others set off into lengthy narratives.  Friends began to collaborate and selected just the right kind of paper on which to tell their tale.  
Can we staple the pages?  Can I write a scary story?  Can I write a story about me?  Can I...?  My reply to all these questions and more was, "Yes, just write what is in your heart."
To track their writing, the kids move sticks with their names on them through the writing process from planning to writing and illustrating to reviewing to editing with the teacher to publishing and finally sharing.

While writing, the kids are encouraged to just write, not worry about spelling and grammar.  After writing a draft, then, it's time to correct mistakes and make the spelling more correct.  First, they will review their own work using the Writing Dictionaries.  Next, I will work with each student individually to fix any mistakes, talk about story structure, and grammar.  Sharing the original work with friends is the highlight of any writing process!

If our first Writer's Workshop is any indication, we are in for an exciting year of writing and story telling!


reaton said...

I love seeing the enthusiasm your students have for writing. I have never seen the paper that one of your students is using. It looks like it would be much easier for students to use than regular binder paper. Where did you find it?

Amie Plumley said...

Thanks! The paper is from our Handwriting Without Tears program. I really like it and the kids have great success with it.