Vintage Craft Book: Play Book

 Steven Caney's Play Book (1975) is amazing!  Really, it is.  I had it out this week and Phoebe and I immediately became excited by the possibilities.
 I want to make this ASAP.
Phoebe tried her hand a the Kind Animal Trap, but quickly realized we didn't have a key material for the project:  a mouse trap.
 We agreed that the Three Stick Stool should be tried out at the cabin.
The Pinball Machine, however, seemed doable.
Using an empty cereal box, Phoebe quickly set to work making her pinball course.  Instead of bobbypins, she used paperclips, a nice substitute.
 She backed her holes with cardboard so that she wouldn't lose the penny game piece.
Almost to the finish line!

I'm sure we'll try out more fun things from Play Book soon.  I did a quick Google search to find out more about Caney, but came up empty except that he runs a design firm near Boston.  He has several more great looking books.  I have my eye on the Invention Book.

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