DIY pick-up sticks

When is the last time you played Pick up Sticks?  This is such a classic game that you can play again and again.  We had a "Summer Fun" theme day at camp where the kids made zippy pouches, snack bags, and their very own Pick Up Sticks game.  Everyone was super excited about it and couldn't wait to make one of their own.  Of course we stitched up a little carrying case for them. 

DIY Pick Up Sticks
*1/4 yard fabric
*Sewing supplies
*Velcro or button
*Bamboo Skewers (at least 10)
*Markers (we used Sharpies)
*Label or sticker

The carrying case is made with a long strip of fabric that is then folded almost in half so you have a flap at the top fold down.  I made a little pattern for camp, but you can just use the skewers as a guide and add a few inches to the length and width.  It's important to have a fold at the bottom so that the sticks don't slide out.  Often, kids make big stitches!

So, stitch up the sides of your case.  You can use a running or whipstitch here.  You can also machine sew the case.
We used a small square of sticky hook and loop tape to close the pouches.  The kids love using this!  Tip:  If your hook and loop tape is not sticking well, just quickly iron it and the adhesive will melt into the fabric and hold tight.
Now comes the best part - making the sticks!  Our campers made 10 each, but you can make your game as big as you want.  Using markers, color the tips of the skewers at least 3 different colors.
After coloring the sticks, decide on the points.  Here, you can give each color you used a different point value.  Some kids got crazy and went into the hundreds!  We used address labels to record the point value system and then stuck the label onto the pouch.

While playing the game is fun, many kids had fun "drawing" with their sticks.
Time to play! 

Here's a quick review of the game in case you forgot how to play (like I did).
*Drop your sticks on the ground.
*Take turn picking up sticks one at a time.  If you move any other sticks, you have to drop the stick and it's the next person's turn.
*Once all the sticks are picked up, look at the color of the stick and add up your points.  The person with the most points wins.

Thanks to Wild Olive for the Inspiration!


Mollie Johanson said...

Oh, I love this!

Amie Plumley said...

Thanks, Mollie! Glad you approve. Thanks for stopping by!