Playing Teacher

Today, we had a "Freaky Friday" moment where the kids played the teacher, and I got to sit back and learn.  Let me stress, that this was their idea - voted on by the class!  In the morning, everyone chose what part of the day to guide.   I made out good lesson plans that outlined the day and explained activities.

Here's a sneak peek of some of the action:
Learning how to play fraction BINGO.
Learning about comparative endings.
I think we both learned a lot with this activity.  The kids learned that it's not always as easy as it looks to be a teacher, and why I often will have to stop an activity or discussion so that we will stay on schedule. They also learned about the respect teachers and students have to give to one another for a happy, organized classroom.
Walking to Library.
I learned that these kids "get school."   Many of them asked wonderful questions and had a sense of what was important to know about a topic.  I could also see their fun personalities shining through as they guided their friends and became the leader.  Also, I saw myself being imitated all day.  Phrases such as "come on, friends!" to get them moving and "reach to the sky!" after we say the pledge were called out.  It was quite funny.
It's Pay Day!  Getting stickers!
What a day!

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