Kid-Made Backpack Tags

 For our first Sewing Club meeting of the year, we wanted a project that was:
A:  cute,
B:  doable in an hour
C:  open to interpretation
D:  useful
I think we achieved that with these cute backpack tags.
Materials were simple.  Just felt, ribbon, and needle and thread.  For the hook, we found these great spring snap hooks in bright colors.  I removed the metal key ring and we looped a piece of ribbon, about 6 inches long through the loop and sewed it on to the backpack tag.
 All 50 of our sewers from kindergarten to fourth grade had fun with the project and were successful.
Several older kids made small, stuffed pillows as their tags.  Many of the tags showed off school pride.

All week, I've enjoyed seeing kids walk the halls with their tags proudly hooked onto their backpacks!

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