Sew Little

 How I love the look of pride and excitement on a child who has just completed their first sewing project.  Not a lacing project, but a real needle and thread project! 

This week I'm at a camp for kids who will be attending Kindergarten next year at my school.  The idea is to get them used to the routines, activities, and learning so they will be ready to go in the fall.  Of course, we have to sew!
I put out a rainbow of felt rectangles and the kids chose 2 to sew together.  What can you make with two rectangles?  A pillow, a pouch (closed with Velcro), or a purse.  I also pre-threaded a ton of needles to get us started.
These 5 year olds were  super excited and jumped into the sewing with no fear.  The Velcro pouches were a favorite.
Luckily, I had my lovely assistant Phoebe to help thread the many, many needles that came unthreaded in the process despite my constant reminders "pinch the thread at the needle, pinch it!"

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