Celebrating 100 Days in School

The 100th Day of School is such a big celebration in SK!  All year long we work on counting how many days we've been in school and finally, we made it to 100!

Next, we joined the rest of SK for a story, tried to sit still for 100 seconds (quite a feat with 66 SKers!) and received instructions for the party.

Trying to figure out which bag has exactly 100 items.  (it's the middle one with 100 paperclips if you're wondering)
Counting by 5's to 100 by coloring in coordinating squares. 

Working with Mrs. McLaren from Computer on a hundreds chart app.
Sorting and graphing the bags of 100 items we brought in for Show and Tell.
100 pieces of snack!!!!!
Stringing Fruit Loops to 100.  The pasta acted as separators so the kids could keep track and count by 10's.
Making a fun picture using the number 100.
Coloring a hundreds chart by 5's, 10's, and 2's.
Doing 100 exercises!
Counting out 100 cents to trade into a dollar.  THEN, you got to "buy" something at Mrs. Donald's Dollar Store!
The 100 crowns were worn proudly throughout the day!
Whew! I'm tired!  But, I wonder what the rest of the year will hold....

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