Sew Up Some Cold Weather Care

It's beginning to get chilly down here in the South!  Lots of running noses and chapped lips are coming our way.  In Sewing Club, we made a few cold weather care items.  The kids got very excited about it and made multiples for family and friends.

Follow the links below for the easy how-tos.
Tissue holders are so easy and handy to have in your purse or backpack.

Don't worry about windy days when you have a chapstick holder hooked onto your bag!
Need both?  Try this little purse with duel chapstick and tissue holder.  Really, the kids always amaze me with their imagination!
We used felt for our projects and these cute felt stick-ons that I found in the felt aisle at Michael's craft store.  Stay warm and well during this chilly season!

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