First Tapestry of the Year

This is this first of many tapestries that my class will complete this year.  They are so excited about their accomplishment and take great pride in the finished product.  It looks great hanging out in the hallway for all to examine.  I asked my class to explain the process to you, in case you've never sewn on a tapestry table before.
 "First, you have to put a big piece of fabric in the table.  That way, you can sew."
 "Before you sew, you measure the thread."  "Cut the thread too!"
 "Then thread the needle."  "Make a knot at the end."
 "Sew!"  "You go up and down, up and down."
 "We sew together."  "You can go over someone's stitch."
 "It looks like a big web."  "There are long lines."  "I see small lines that go over lines."  "Some lines are tiny!"
"When it's done, Mrs. Plumley takes it off the table."  "We cut around it and then sewed on a big stick so it could hang in the hall."

Well said!  Sadly, my tapestree table is no longer being manufactured, but Kristin has some wonderful DIY directions if you're interested.  You can also use a big embroidery hoop to achieve the same idea.

Stayed tuned for more wonderful tapestries this school year!

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