Dear Little Sewing Machine

Dear Little Sewing Machine,

I am not a fan of yours.  Every year, at least one eager, bright eyed child brings you to camp with dreams of making elaborate clothing and accessories.  They often leave with frustration and bitterness over the difficulty of sewing and threading you.  You come unthreaded constantly (once we finally figure out how to get you threaded!), can barely sew though two layers of fabric, and don't act like the other bigger, more powerful machines surrounding you.  For something so small, how did you get to be so loud?  Are you afraid of going unnoticed?  Sewing machines are not toys and toys should not be sewing machines.

Sewing School Teacher

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kristin said...

ha amie!! you crack me up! but sadly that sounds just like my big, new adult sewing machine...thus the reason i have not learned how to sew. it just seems not to co-operate.

the poor little ones with crushed there no way around it?