Fall Tapestry

Right around Thanksgiving we made this beautiful fall tapestry that I failed to tell you about.  It's hanging outside the classroom door and attracts many passerbys. 
I had picked up several packages of silk fall leaves at the craft store with no real plan, but then it hit me - a tapestry!  The kids had fun sewing silk fall leaves onto the tapestry table.
 They were easy to poke through using blunt yarn needles and various fall-colored yarn.
 At the end, we added a stick for a hanger.

I have other plans for tapestries like these - would snowflakes work?  I can already envision a heart-themed tapestry for Valentine's Day! 


Sewing Girl said...

that looks really fun!

Cassi said...

I love group projects and this is such a lovely idea! You're right, there's all kinds of themes that you could do the same way. I'll be featuring this on The Crafty Crow soon!