First Time Sewers

 A fellow kindergarten teacher and I taught a "Wonderful World of Kindergarten!" camp last week to introduce incoming students to "the big school."  For many kids and parents, leaving behind preschool can be a bit scary.  We put together a typical day in the life of kindergarten filled with various activities, songs, and games.  What we weren't prepared for, was the sewing!  It seems that we have a reputation for sewing with kids.
When someone asked, "Can we sew now?" how could I say no?   Every morning, I worked with a table full of eager sewers.  We made pillows, more pillows, and pouches.  By the end of the week, we moved onto snack bags!
Slowly, their stitches became neater, their needles stayed threaded while they sewed, and their confidence increased.  Mostly, we used felt scraps I had on hand I showed them how to cut two pieces the same size to make a small pillow.
 Interest in buttons and other decorations became popular by mid-week.
I am looking forward to sewing with this group of kindergartners next year!

Oh, I'll also post more about the camp soon!

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