Bug Snack

 To kick off our bug study, we had to make a little bug snack!  The kids had so much making these. Admittedly, they aren't the cutest things to photograph, but they are tasty!
Smiley Caterpillars:
5 mini vanilla wafers
strawberry cream cheese (or peanut butter if allergies aren't an issue)
2 chocolate chips for eyes
gel icing for the smile
licorice for legs (we used the pull-apart Twizzlers cut into pieces)

Spread a little cream cheese onto each vanilla wafer.  Put together so it looks like a caterpillar.  Add chocolate chip eyes, icing smile, and twizzler legs.

Daddy Longlegs
mini Oreo
licorice (pull-apart Twizzlers cut into pieces)

Open up the Oreo and put 4 pieces of licorice on each side so you have 8 legs. Put the top of the cookie back on top and you have a Daddy Longleg!
Here is the cooking table.  After giving a demo, I set out the ingredients and left the example on the table.  They were easy enough for the kids to make themselves and the mini vanilla wafers and oreos helped to control the sugar content.  So, go chomp on some bugs!

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