Hankie Halter

One of my super-crafty students came back from the school library with this sewing book from the 70's:
 Filled with all sorts of funny sewing projects, it was this picture that got her and the rest of the girls in my class all excited:
 The Hankie Halter. "Look!  It shows off your bellybutton!"  Before I could offer any assistance, she had cut out a small triangle, stitched on a few bits of ribbon, and ran to the bathroom to try it on.  Sadly, the fit was not what she wanted. 

Here is where I got involved.  We read the directions, found a big enough piece of fabric, and got to work.  The original pattern calls for a large bandanna, but we didn't have any, so we made a 20 inch triangle.  (this is fitting a 6 year old by the way!)

 After cutting your triangle, trim off the top point and fold it over.  Sew the top at the edge to form a casing.  Using a safety pin, thread ribbon through the casing.  Measure the ribbon so that it will tie around your neck.  The ribbon used was a bit slippery, so she tacked it down in the middle.
 Next, we added ties to the ends so that it would fit better around the waist.  One was sewn to each end.
Tie on and go!  I heard that it's perfect for going to the beach or pool. 

This was such a fun project, I'm thinking about tweaking it a little for Sewing Camp this summer.


Sue at nobaddays said...

Super cute! Any other fun projects in that book?

Amie Plumley said...

Thanks, Sue! Really, this might have been the best project - some of the stuff was just so 70's and a little bit silly. However, I was also looking with a kindergarten eye and there were several projects that required a lot more work. You'll have to see if your local library has a copy!

Unknown said...

I am going to link to your blog on my sidebar! Cheers. Carrie B. from SUCH designs