Sew Inspired: To the Lesson!

I'm on Spring Break this week and thought I'd share with you some of my newest favorites in the blog world.  Enjoy, and hope you're inspired as well. 
photo by To the Lesson!
To the Lesson! is one of those places where I go and see ideas and then get all excited and try them in my own classroom.  Sasha gives readers a peek inside her Montessori classroom - all the going ons and activities.  You'll want to visit too.

Her new sewing basket is worth checking out if you are interested in setting one up yourself.  In true Montessori fashion, everything is organized and is just so.  Ummm....mine is not....maybe I need to fix that....

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Sasha said...

Thank you, Amie! You are so kind to feature me on your blog - Thanks so much! :) I love seeing all that you do with your kids as well!