Quick Knee Patch

 What is it about little boys that make them wear out the knees of jeans so fast?  I guess it's all the looking close at the wheels of little cars, building on the ground with Lincoln Logs, and digging in the dirt all in a single day.

Frankie has found himself with 4 pairs of holey jeans.  With winter winds blowin', I figured it was time to remedy the situation.
Sturdy knee patches are a snap to make.  You'll need some fun cotton fabric, heat'n bond ultra hold, an iron, and some embroidery or craft thread and needle.

Cut out your fabric a little larger than your patch (mine are 3-1/2 x 5-1/2 because I wanted to cover the entire worn area) and back with the heat'n bond - follow the directions for this if you've never used heat'n bond.  Now, trim your patch to the size you want.  Take the paper back off your patch and iron it onto the holey area.  It should stay down nicely now, but I like to sew around the edge with craft thread for a little insurance.  I find the the stitching helps the patch stay put, plus, it also looks cute.

So, go out and play hard, little Frankie, your jeans should last until you grow a few more inches!

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