If you give a kid a camera....

 My class has a new learning tool - a FisherPrice camera.  They love it.  Really, they do. 

I tried to stay away from the "kiddy camera" but after 2 days my extra school camera was dropped and broken.  So, durable, rubber coated camera it is!
It's fun for me too.  I get to watch them set up the perfect shot.  Plus, they no longer beg me to take pictures of everything they make.  (I know what you're thinking, don't you already do that?! But I guess not...)
 While the pictures aren't the best quality, they do have a nice Instamatic app quality to them.  Maybe they need to create a "FisherPrice" filter....
As you can imagine, from the 120 pictures I downloaded today, about 1/2 were random shots like these. 
Say cheese!

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