Old Pants = New Bag

 In Sewing Club, everyone brought in outgrown jeans, pants, and even skorts and skirts to transform into cute, new bags.
The bling, we discovered, was key to creating the perfect bag.
There are a lot of tutorials out there, but I wanted to develop a simpler version that could be made by kids and in about an hour.  

Below are the photos and simple directions I used with the kids in Sewing Club. 

1.  Lay out the pants flat.
2. Cut the legs off the pants.
3.  Sew up the bottom.
Use small stitches.
4. Cut ribbon for the handle. Tie the ends of the ribbon onto the belt loops closest to the sides.
5.  Decorate your bag and fill it up with your favorite stuff!

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Debra I. said...

i haven't seen that many corduroy versions of this type of bag. Very cute!!