Embroidery with Kids: Projects

As I mentioned before, embroidery needs a purpose for kids.  If they don't know why they are doing it, they don't seem to get excited about it.  Here are a few projects to inspire.
A good beginning project for young sewers is to just practice making lines on the fabric.  This could make a sweet pillow or wall hanging.  Keeping them in the hoop always makes for a great frame.  Oh, I just thought of a spider web with little plastic bugs tucked inside.  I might have to try this!
Embroidering inexpensive hand towels is a great gift.  They can easily be customized for any occasion.
A self-portrait quilt in progress.  This was organized by a fellow teacher.  I love how she used yarn for the hair.  The squares were sewn together and backed.  The quilting was just a simple tie.  This would be a super school auction item, don't you think?
Mrs. Shannon is making these spring flower pictures in her class right now for Mother's Day.  It's actually painted paper embroidered on a canvas.   She was inspired by That Artist Woman but gave it her own touch with the paper. 

We are making little pillows for Mother's Day.  They are 8x8 and backed with Amy Butler fabric - I wanted to give the Moms something that would compliment their homes.  They are machine sewn together, stuffed, and hand-sewn closed.  Each one is different and reflect the kids' personalities.  I can't wait to see the reaction from their Moms!

I hope you enjoyed the embroidery series.  It was great for me to reflect on how and why I embroider with kids.  There are a lot of great projects and ideas out there and it's easy to adapt most to a child's level.  If you're embroidering with a child, I'd love to see what they are making!

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