Seeds Make Flowers

 Last week, as part of our Science lesson, we read about how a seed becomes a flower and the various, basic parts of a flower.  These simple, collage flowers helped to illustrate the concept perfectly. 

Construction paper was used to make the stem, leaves, and flower.  Then, brown yarn became the roots and real flower seeds were glued on for the seeds.  Do you remember when we found seeds in flowers?  We'll do more with those seeds soon.
 The kids used their Science magazines to label the flowers.
Here is a shot of a table working.  We actually taught this lesson to 3 groups in a row, so we pre-cut strips of green and had chunks of colors for the kids to shape into flowers.  We find that this pre-cutting actually saves paper.  The trays also held yarn that they happily formed into roots.  When they had everything else in place, we came around and gave them a pinch of seeds to sprinkle on the middle of the flower. 

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