Tis the Season for Vince Guaraldi

Everyone knows the classic A Charlie Brown Christmas special.   Hearing the sweet sound of "Christmas Time is Here" always puts in the holiday spirit.  My family is a huge fan of all things Peanuts and the music is no different.

So, that brings me to Vince Guaraldi- the man behind the Peanuts music.  If you haven't heard his other albums, you must check them out.  They are a favorite for rest time at school, crafting, or just hanging out at the house.

My personal favorite is "The Eclectic" album - probably because Vince himself sings a couple of songs.  Once you hear "Black Sheep Boy" you'll know what I mean.  The album has a definate Peanuts vibe, but is also individual enough to stand alone.  It always makes me happy and seems just right for whatever I'm doing. 

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