Holiday Crafting in Kindergarten

 This week, our work has found us humming Christmas carols and being little elves by the Christmas tree.  I thought I'd give you a peek of what's going on in the classroom.
 Carefully tracing, cutting, and sewing the cutest elf hats ever. 

 Making a batch of holiday playdough scented with peppermint or cinnamon.  Meg's recipe is genius - really, you need to try it!

 Yes, we are getting some of our curriculum in there too.  We reinvented the holiday chain by printing our high frequency words on them.  This way, the kids are getting all those great fine motor and problem-solving skills by making the chain, but they are also practicing their sight words.  See how sneaky teachers can be?  They think they are just making a fun holiday decoration.  Ho Ho!
Thanks for peeking!  Hope you're having a fun, crafty time as well.

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kristin said...

that is pretty sneaky of you aimee, hohoho is right! i love the looks of pride over the elf hats...and what cute elves they make!!